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About webblogic®

Welcome to webblogic®, a leading medical device and life science distributor and technology commercialization firm. 

With over 40 years of experience in healthcare, we deliver exceptional technologies to the medical device manufacturing sector and the broader healthcare marketplace. Our expertise spans three key verticals:

Marketing, Sales, and Distribution Services for Medical Devices

webblogic® has developed a turnkey solution for organizations looking to enter the US marketplace with their medical devices or health-related products. 

Our exclusive service helps these organizations rapidly scale within the US, offering comprehensive marketing, sales, and distribution support. Additionally, we provide a full range of technology monetization services, including technology licensing for universities and technology innovators. We ensure that innovative medical devices reach healthcare providers and patients efficiently.

Medical Device Development and Commercialization Services

From concept assessment and design to engineering, manufacturing, and market launch, webblogic® provides a full suite of services to support medical device and healthcare product innovators. 

We also offer Fractional Technology Transfer Office (TTO) services for universities and other organizations seeking to outsource their New Product Development (NPD), and Innovation processes. Additionally, we assist clients in identifying qualified manufacturers, and component vendors.

Segments we serve for product development and distribution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven technologies – Home healthcare, and wearable technologies – Diagnostic and interventional medical devices – Specialty healthcare products -Non-commodity hospital and clinic technologies – Healthcare robotics – Consumer health and wellness technologies – Other clinical and non-clinical healthcare technologies

Manufacturing and Packaging Equipment Distribution

We provide a wide range of medical manufacturing and packaging equipment, ensuring that medical device manufacturers have access to the best resources to enhance quality and efficiency. 

We offer exclusive distribution services to international companies entering the US market and US-based companies lacking a robust distribution infrastructure.

Segments we serve for manufacturing and packaging equipment

Medical device manufacturing – Pharma and life sciences – High-value manufacturing sectors – Contract manufacturing – Other technology-based manufacturers

Our commitment to the industry.

At webblogic®, we are dedicated to advancing the healthcare industry through continuous learning and innovation.

Correspondingly, we host the Annual Disruption Expo®, featuring world-renowned Keynote Speakers, Bestselling Authors, and Healthcare Thought Leaders who provide cutting-edge insights on future trends in healthcare. Additionally, we offer free Masterclass Training to the medical device industry, and our weekly Podcast delivers bite-sized learning on emerging healthcare trends.

Our mission.

At Webblogic®, our mission is to empower medical device and life science manufacturers by delivering cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and comprehensive new product development and distribution services.

We are committed to a true partnership approach, guiding our clients through every step of the innovation journey—from concept to full commercial launch.

By leveraging our advanced manufacturing technologies, we help our clients reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency, and improve product quality. Our goal is to transform innovative ideas into market-leading products, driving success and growth in the healthcare industry. Together, we can redefine the future of healthcare, one breakthrough at a time.

Territories we serve.

Our reach extends across the United States. We offer unmatched access to the best manufacturing and packaging solutions bar none. Our Certified Customer Champions® provide expert consultative support to our valued clients in every US market. Our Customer Champions® are available from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday across all US time zones.

Our Scottsdale-based distribution center is the hub of cutting-edge technology, fully backed by dedicated Customer Champions® teams and technical support. Purchasing from WebbLogic means gaining an account executive who exemplifies industry expertise and is committed to delivering unparalleled customer service.

Turnkey solutions

For both established firms and startups, we provide comprehensive turnkey solutions through our expansive partnership network. Our goal is to streamline the process, reducing complexity and costs while significantly accelerating speed to market.

Bringing it all together

From your initial contact, we support you in developing a business case analysis for the procurement of solutions, facilitating your evaluation process, as well as full technology integration support. We also offer initial Project Management (PM) support, led by our Certified Project Management Professional, Stacy Ku, PMP.