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About Our Industry Insights.

Our industry resource page aims to offer practical and actionable insights for medical device manufacturers and other organizations within the industry.

We present our information through a series of instruction-based podcasts, enabling industry leaders to engage with our content conveniently and absorb high-density material while on the move. The program is designed using nano-learning principles, delivering compact yet potent insights in the briefest timeframes possible. If there’s a topic you would like us to explore in an upcoming episode, please reach out to us with your suggestions.

About The Medical Device Manufacturing Podcast.

Welcome to the Medical Device Manufacturing Podcast, a resourceful series hosted by Nicholas Webb, (Nick) CEO of webblogic – an innovation leader in medical manufacturing and packaging equipment.

Nick is a number one bestselling author and an esteemed medical device innovator credited with over 40 U.S. patents, including of the world’s first wearable technologies and one of the smallest medical implants for treating ocular surface disease.

Dive into our podcast series that delivers actionable insights for grappling with the tumultuous wave of change sweeping the healthcare and medical device sector. We offer exclusive content and invaluable knowledge specifically curated for medical device manufacturing and design organizations seeking scalable growth and enhanced profitability amidst the rapid shifts defining our era.

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Join Nicholas Webb on this journey of discovery and transformation where you’ll gain the knowledge and foresight to thrive in the dynamic world of medical device manufacturing.